Author: Christy Slayton

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19 Aug Interactive Materials for Teletherapy #3

Interactive materials for use during teletherapy Here is another installment of interactive materials for use during teletherapy! Previously, I provided resources that I found useful with my Speech/Language Teletherapy students. Some of the materials were in a hard-copy form that you could email to your tele-helper...

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Online speech therapy for various populations

23 Nov The Benefits of Providing Speech Therapy Online – Part 1

Teletherapy — A Viable and Versatile Form of Speech/Language Therapy Treatment for Various Populations Teletherapy is a rapidly expanding field offering a plethora of opportunities for service providers! What are the benefits of receiving teletherapy services? Therapy services provided by a licensed and certified Speech-Language Pathologist experienced using...

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18 Aug Tell Me About Telespeech!

Welcome to Telespeech Therapy’s Blog! I had the pleasure of speaking with the company’s president and owner, Christy Slayton, and asked her questions about how she decided to develop a tele-therapy practice… Thank you, Christy, for taking time out of your busy schedule to answer a few...

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