Benefits of Online Speech Pathology for Adults and Children

For nearly 100 years, speech pathologists have been diagnosing and treating language disorders in children and adults. For most of that time, this treatment took place in person at the client’s home, an office, or in a school. Today, people who need this service can get it over the Internet. Studies have shown that online therapy sessions are as effective as those conducted in person. Online speech pathology also has several other benefits.



Families today are busier than ever before. Using remote speech therapy gives parents more options when it comes to scheduling. Schools also prefer this option because it is more conducive to their schedules. If teachers need to change the meeting times due to an issue with their daily routine, it is much easier to make the adjustment when the therapy takes place online than if a professional was going to the school to do it in person.


Improved Outcomes

Face to face interactions are sometimes uncomfortable. However, with the help of an Internet connection and a skilled speech pathologist, children and adults who feel uncomfortable working with a professional in person can get the help they need without the additional stress of being in the same room. Since the speech therapist and the patient can see and hear each other, the outcomes are often similar or better when the therapy is done online.


Less Expensive

In-person therapy tends to cost more because the speech pathology specialist either has to travel to patients’ homes or cover the expenses of the facilities in an office building. When parents and adult clients choose web-based speech therapy, the therapist can pass their savings on to their clients. Many of these therapists work from home and the ones who work out of an office save money on travel expenses. Schools that use online speech therapy can save money because they don’t have to have a full-time therapist on staff.


Online speech pathology is ideal in a number of situations. Patients and their family members often get better results when they can get the treatment they need in a comfortable environment. Since they don’t have to travel or invite a therapist into their home, this type of treatment is less stressful to the family. Online and office-based therapists have similar education and experience. Similarly to office-based therapy, online services begin with an assessment of the client’s strengths and weaknesses to develop a treatment plan. This plan is then evaluated over time to ensure the online therapy is progressing well.