How to find an effective tele-helper for online speech therapy pt.3

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15 Apr How to find an effective tele-helper for online speech therapy pt.3

Last-but-not-least, the tele-helper helps to monitor the students’ behavior. If I am working with a small group of 2 students, just having an adult in the room is enough to help redirect the students that are having difficulty focusing. When a student or two are unable to attend to a task because they are distracted by something, someone, or each other, I will ask the tele-helpers of pull up a chair to sit next to or between the students. This is very effective. The tele-helper is also responsible for handing out the positive reinforcers whether it is a sticker chart and sticker or something else.

It is important that your tele-helper is patient, calm, and empathetic. S/He is your “life-line” to the school and the families you service. Depending on the qualifications of your tele-helper, s/he may have experience working within a school setting or not. Try not to assume that the tele-helper knows what s/he should do in any particular situation. Keeping the lines of communication open between the two of you will allow you to be an even more effective Speech/Language Teletherapist!

Written by:
Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist & Teletherapist
Date: 1-18-2016

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