Online Speech Therapy: Matching Skilled Instructors With Students in Need

Approximately eight percent of children between the ages of 3-17 suffer from a speech-related disorder at some point during their development. The problems are occasionally temporary or easy to correct. In more complicated cases, the child requires assistance through speech therapy classes. This traditionally meant appointments at a clinic or with an instructor at their school. It is challenging to fill these positions with so many students and schools today, and attending a clinic is not easy for busy parents. That is why online speech and language therapy is so valuable to these children and their parents.

Convenient and Affordable

Online speech therapy allows every school to have access to the best speech pathologists in their area regardless of their budget. The required equipment is basic technology that is readily available in nearly every school or home. Online lessons are comforting to children that may feel nervous working one-on-one with an adult, and most children adapt easily to the process because they are so familiar with computer technology. It eliminates the need for parents and children to travel to the therapy clinic, and the classes are available to students at school or at home.

Private and Professional

All of the instructors involved with the web-based speech therapy program are licensed speech-language pathologists with additional training in web-based instruction. The American Speech-Language-Hearing Association (ASHA) has advocated for this type of service to increase the number of children with access to the services they require. All sessions and the performance of the student are carefully documented, and regular progress reports are provided to parents. Only professionals with written consent from the parent or guardian will receive the reports because online speech language therapy services must follow all state and federal laws regarding privacy and security.

Personal and Effective

Instructors providing online speech pathology are able to address the same wide range of speech-language problems they would treat in the classroom or their office. Each session is designed specifically for the needs of the child receiving the instruction. The student is never alone during the class because the therapist is always connected with them and a designated tele-helper is always present to keep them focused and guide them through their lessons. As the child shows improvements, the classes are adjusted to meet their changing needs.

Most children use technology every day of their lives. They watch TV, play games online, and send text messages to their friends. Online speech language therapy services are merely an extension to what they already know and are comfortable using. This method is calming and often more effective for children with learning disorders or sensory issues.