Online and Remote Speech Therapy Services For Schools and Individuals

Many individuals develop a need for speech therapy during their lifetimes. Often, a problem is detected when a child is young, and services are sought through the school system. Sadly, many children fail to receive the help they need for one reason or another. Thanks to the development of online speech language therapy services, everyone can receive this help in a timely manner.


Remote speech therapy makes use of evidence-based techniques that on-site clinicians use, yet deliver these services through a speech therapy telepractice. Therapy sessions take place using a web-based platform, and student cases are managed in the same way. Individuals need nothing more than an internet connection, an audio headset, and a webcam to receive assistance. The webcam and headset ensure the process works as intended. What are the benefits of live remote speech therapy?


Improved Outcomes


Research shows that online speech and language therapy is often more effective than therapy conducted in person. As the online speech pathology provider works with school systems in the development of individual education plans, students receive more comprehensive services that ensure their issues are addressed. The distance speech therapy provider also handles all case management aspects of the speech and language caseload, reducing the burden of an already overworked school system.


Flexible Scheduling


With the help of live online speech therapy, parents and schools find they are better able to accommodate schedules. Telespeech Therapy offers therapists in the same region and time zone as the client, allowing for this flexibility in scheduling. Scheduling difficulties tend to decrease thanks to this versatility of the service, ensuring more children receive the services they need to reach their full potential when it comes to communication.


Reduced Costs


Online speech therapy reduces costs for school districts, as they no longer need to recruit and screen speech language pathologists, train and manage them, pay any related expenses for transportation, or seek replacements when a pathologist leaves the district, misses time from work, or goes on leave for any reason. Telespeech Therapy offers competitive pricing and services are billed by the hour rather than the student. School systems find they obtain multiple school discounts along with other incentive discounts, and the service provides the technology needed to start using this option. As a result, schools can use the funds they were dedicating to these services elsewhere.


As the service orders and provides the technology used in the schools, there’s no delay in starting the services. As time is of the essence when it comes to increasing a child’s communication skills, schools will find this to be of great benefit. For those schools requiring 30 or more hours of service each week, computers with extra-large touch screen monitors are available.


Expanded Resources


Individuals find, with the help of web-based speech therapy, they receive access to licensed clinicians who meet the needs of their clients. This can be an issue in certain areas of the country, especially places where there is a shortage of trained individuals in this field. Children needing special help can receive instruction from experts across the country thanks to this service, and this benefit alone is enough for many parents to advocate for telespeech therapy in their district, as every child deserves the best in this area.


Personalized Service


Telespeech Therapy is a local service that provides districts with a personalized experience. The company meets with each school district face-to-face to develop and set up the program. This helps to maintain the highest level of excellence when it comes to the program, and all pathologists and school districts using the service have access to 24-hour email and phone support.


Why Telespeech Therapy?


Schools find Telespeech Therapy to be very effective and a good value, as the comprehensive speech and language assessments utilize the Pearsons Q-Global Standardized Speech and Language Assessment Library, one chosen by many pathologists across the country. As one client states, their school system has been very satisfied with the results obtained. They have remained compliant and students enjoy the services. The progress witnessed in these children has been excellent, and the team at Telespeech Therapy responds to the individual needs of the client. Overall, the company provides outstanding service at an affordable price.


Founded by a former school-based speech language and pathologist and special education administrator, Telespeech Therapy has experience with the SIRAS System and makes house calls when needed. In addition, all speech language pathologists employed by the company receive comprehensive training in the special education software utilized by the district to ensure the best results, along with live, hands-on, comprehensive and direct training in telepractice services.


When a child has a communication problem, it affects every aspect of their life. Some children have minor difficulties, yet some struggle to communicate in any way, and there is a large spectrum between the two that many children fall into. As a result of this communication disorder, they may feel isolated and unable to develop relationships with others. This doesn’t have to be the case. Contact Telespeech Therapy today to learn more about these services. The company works with school districts in the Kern, San Luis Obispo, Kings, Tulare, Inyo, Fresno, Madera, Merced, and Ventura Counties to provide the highest level of services for children in need.