Useful Teletherapy Interactive Resources (part 1/2)

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29 Apr Useful Teletherapy Interactive Resources (part 1/2)

I believe most SLPs, like myself, incorporate games into teletherapy sessions to keep our clients focused and motivated. By providing at least one type of “fun-based” activity while working on a goal, I am able to accomplish much more than without. Many clients I have worked with have difficulty staying seated (young ones especially) during a Teletherapy session if the activity is one-sided. The more interactive the activity, the larger the “buy-in” which means implementing less behavior modification strategies.

Here are 3 game resources I use with my students to keep them engaged:  the first one worth mentioning is a book from LinguiSystems called, Reinforces To Go.  This book has been an invaluable resource. It can be useful while working with students that enjoy coloring and cutting typically grades Pre-K through 5th.  I scan in the pages I want to use with a client, email them to my tele-helper who prints them out in black-and-white for the student to complete on-site. Some pages are strictly drawing and coloring (e.g., draw a string from a balloon to the character in the picture after saying the targeted sound 5 times).  Then the student can color the balloon as well.  Some of the other pages require a client to color, cut out an item (e.g., a frog) and paste it onto a separate page made for the activity (e.g., a large lily pad).  We usually complete this activity in steps.  First, as the client practices, s/he will color one item (e.g., a frog) after saying the targeted sound/word/phrase/sentence the required number of repetitions. We will take turns coloring all of the items first, cut each item out, and glue it onto the appropriate page (e.g., the lily pad) as we practice each item 5 times to color/cut/glue. Sometimes the activity may span 2 to 3 sessions. [… to be continued]

Written by:  Tracy Sippl, M.S., CCC-SLP
Speech/Language Pathologist & Teletherapist

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